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​​Our workshops have been framed for those with an established yoga practice. But intrepid beginners are most welcome—and there is certainly no particular level of physical attainment that is required. In all cases practitioners decide for themselves what is appropriate for them.

Participants arrive from 6 pm friday evening (earlier or later is ok) for dinner at 7 pm which is followed by an introduction to the retreat and a mild session mostly of shoulder releases leading into a guided relaxation before bed.


Saturday and Sunday follow more or less the same pattern: they both open with a relatively vigorous session running for two and half hours. After these come breakfast followed by two hours of free time. The second session of each day is a in gentler, more static style (restorative or ‘yin’). After lunch there is a three hour break on the Saturday and a talk from Andrew on the Sunday. The third and final session of each is devoted to breathing/prāṇāyāma. These second and third sessions run for an hour and a half on the Saturday and (to let people get home in good time) an hour each on the Sunday. (Some participants have been asking for a brief guided relaxation on the Saturday night as well, so we might included that as an opton as well.)


This general pattern of moving over the course of each day from stronger work to quieter work seems to be working pretty well. Part of the point of it is bring those differing elements into clearer relation with each other.


The schedule may seem rather full with eight or nine sessions of various kinds (along with six or seven meals!), but there are also substantial blocks of free time: two hours after each of the breakfasts and three after the lunch on Sunday, time to rest and reflect or talk or go walking as each person prefers.


The yoga room is equipped with a good array of props: mats, belts, blocks, bolsters, blankets, sandbags, rods and chairs, which we will be using to varying degrees over the weekend.


A sample schedule:

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940 Bessie Creek Rd

Nar Nar Goon North

Victoria 3812