Andrew first encountered yoga while studying for a PhD in Classics at the University of California in Berkeley. He attended his first class at the Fourth Street Studio of Clare Finn on the evening of Bill Clinton's election as president for the first time in 1992.

Among the ancient languages he was studying at Berkeley was Sanskrit.Taking up modern yoga practice while finding himself equipped to study texts from its antecedent traditions was more or less an accident, but a happy one. He has combined those two forms of study ever since.

Returning to Australia in 1989 Andrew undertook teacher training with Murray Lazenby, for whom he has, since 2001, taught yoga classes at Melbourne University and the centres run by Yarra Council.

For the first 12 years of that period he was also teaching Ancient Greek and sometimes Sanskrit in and around the university—occasionally teaching yoga and these languages to the same people, though never in the same room.

Of the various styles of modern postural yoga, the one that has had the strongest influence on Andrew's approach is that of B.K.S. lyengar. For all that, he is an avowed anti-purist and has learnt much from Astanga, Anusara and many other kinds of practice.

“Andrew’s yoga classes are my absolute favourite. One thing that stands out about them is the emphasis on finding the inner life of each pose, through paying attention to internal experience. In particular, the breath is conceived of as a tool to explore and shape. His classes also have this really nice playful quality, which contributes to the friendly and inviting atmosphere.”

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